Our electronic component development services span all stages of electronics development from B samples to complete solutions, from initial concepts to production-ready designs.

We have outstanding qualifications and many years of experience in fields of electronics development including embedded control, sensor technology, serial bus systems, embedded programming in Assembler, C und C# / JAVA, and Internet communication via Ethernet or GPRS.

In electronics development, mature and clear-cut quality management is critical for robust results. We therefore use proven methods including FEMA and risk analysis. We rely on comprehensive specifications in the run-up phase, and we conduct rigorous acceptance, software and integration tests before delivery.

Our staff have long-standing experience in PCB design and are familiar with even the most complex assignments. We produce prototypes and small development runs in-house and have the full range of technology necessary for rapid prototype manufacture, from ESD-protected rooms to a walk-in EMC measurement chamber. We provide you with comprehensive, professional production documentation and support you from the pilot run to series production.

Areas of expertise:

  • Processor modules with 8,16 and 32-bit controller (SiliconLabs, Microchip, Cypress, Infineon, Freescale PowerPC, Atmel AVR/ ARM7/9)
  • Components and assemblies with logics from simple CPLD to complex FPGA
  • Processor bus systems, field bus systems, rapid I/O couplings, PCI, PCI Express, CAN, Profibus, ProfiNet, USB, IO Link, 10Base-I, Firewire, LVDS, Ethernet, WLAN
  • Operating systems, embedded and real-time operating systems, Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, QNX
  • Drivers for IO interfaces, serial and parallel interfaces, hardware independent layer design, Recording and pre-processing of process signals, various bus interface types, GPS, graphic user interfaces / LCD
  • Application development: measurement data processing, control technology and data transmission, system configuration for offset correction, linearization, normalization, filtering, control algorithms, data conversion, routing, gateways, embedded Web servers, touch-screens
  • Software for programmable logic units. VHDL development for FPGA in real-time applications, data conversion, data pre-processing
  • Complex sensor controls