Product overview

At Peter Systemtechnik GmbH we are at our customers' service, implementing ultra-compact, highly advanced solutions for serial bus data recording and evaluation. We supply tailored solutions for a wide variety of tasks and applications.

> Data loggers

Our data loggers record data communication between bus users and save the data in a non-volatile memory in the devices themselves.
The software supplied with the devices enables data to be read, visualized and stored in a range of formats.

> Data tracers

Our data tracers enable you to visualize data traffic between bus users in real time on a connected PC, evaluate the data and store it for further use.

> Data generators

Our data generators generate individually programmable data blocks at the press of a button for transmission to the components connected to the data bus.

> Gateways

Our gateway modules allow a variety of data buses to be combined for bidirectional message transmission between the systems.