Quality policy at PST

Our company policy is to supply our customers with the best possible quality. To ensure that customer needs and requirements are addressed in full, we establish an ongoing flow of communication. Tasks for completion are coordinated to ensure our customers receive the optimum service. This policy is underpinned by our Quality Management Service, for which a continuous improvement process is in place.

We respond flexibly to individual customer requests and maintain close contact to our customers throughout all implementation phases of our services.

To ensure that our services fulfil the demands and expectations of our customers and comply with legal regulations and meet national and international standards, our company has documented the relevant processes and their interactions in a series of procedure and work instructions and forms.

All members of staff undertake to familiarize themselves with the QM procedures which impact on their field of responsibility in our company, and to follow and comply with all requirements set forth in these procedures.

The management team of our company undertakes to ensure the continuous advancement and improvement of the QM system.